View from the lawn of Wequassett Resort and Golf Club

A Coastal New England Wedding

When it comes time to celebrate a lifelong relationship, we can’t imagine a more gorgeous backdrop than the beach. Here, sand, sea, and sunshine conspire to wash away everyday worries […]

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New England Waterpark - Jay Peak VT

The 4 Most Splashtacular Water Parks in New England

There’s nothing like the perfect cannonball on a hot summer’s day, but here in New England, the possibilities don’t stop at the diving board. Imagine torpedoing down multi-story slides, plunging into […]

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Cape Cod Baseball League

Summer Baseball Leagues in New England

The middle of the summer belongs to baseball. Though MLB Opening Day falls in early April, America’s pastime tends to get overshadowed early on by playoffs in other pro sports. […]

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Brand New Hotels in 2015

The New England vacation scene just got a little more hip — three brand new hotels are checking in for 2015 and nine more have just undergone major renovations. Interior design […]

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Race Point Beach

The Best New England Beaches for Families

Those laps through the neighbor’s sprinkler aren’t going to cut it for much longer — when the kids’ energy is running as high as the mercury, you know it’s time […]

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