Thanksgivukkah Survival Guide

New England Inns & Resorts Unveil Thanksgivukkah Survival Guide

NEIRA Members provide privacy, relaxation and sanity to curb holiday woes
A perfect storm of holidays is rapidly approaching. For the first time and only time in our lifetimes, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are overlapping to create the aptly dubbed Thanksgivukkah. With Christmas following on the heels of this mega-holiday, this season's family holiday rush carries once-in-a-lifetime stresses for hosts and travelers alike. For the hosts... homes will be overrun; patience will be tested and personal privacy will vanish. For travelers... The countdown to lumpy sleeper sofas and bathroom waits has begun. Help holiday hosts and their guests save themselves from stress by offering a retreat from the crowds before, during or after the Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/Christmas hustle.
photo credit: © SM Web- Fotolia

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