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Just Be a Kid Again – Kids on Vacation

Work and vacation shouldn’t have to mix, but it can be pretty tough to get off the hook. This dad puts his New England family vacation first and gives the people back at the office a little something to be jealous of. This family vacation starts out looking bleak, but a day at the beach gets the kids to trade screen time for sunscreen and cannonballs. Maybe a New England family vacation is all they needed to remember what it means to be a kid.

New England Family Vacation – Mom Approves

BookSmart Gnome: The Ultimate Travel Hack

Once in a while, things just work out. After months of planning and anticipating the big family trip to New England, Mom finally looks around to see it going swimmingly. She’d almost forgotten — this is what it feels like to be on vacation. The best travel hack in the book, as demonstrated by a rude man in a gnome suit: When you book a hotel room on a mega travel website instead with the hotel, that middleman takes up to 30% of your room rate as a commission.

Our number one travel tip: BookSmart

How to get the best hotel deals: BookSmart

Our number one travel tip, as demonstrated by one obnoxious gnome: When you make a hotel reservation using a mega travel website instead of the hotel’s own, the middleman takes up to 30% of your room rate as a commission and makes it harder for your hotel to serve you. It’s the simplest of all travel hacks: book directly for the best experience and the same rate.

Romantic Weekend Getaway in One Easy Step

Adventure Travel in New England Inns & Resorts

Book a getaway at a romantic hotel, inn or resort in New England, and instantly step up your swagger. Looking for adventure on your next New England getaway? Here’s a sampling of the many adventure travel activities you’ll find at and near New England Inns & Resorts.