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Hotel Viking

Pet Friendly at Hotel Viking

Hotel Viking

Newport, Rhode Island

We are excited to welcome a special part of your family to the Hotel Viking, but we do ask you abide by the following guidelines
•    Guests must inform the Hotel prior to their arrival that they will be bringing their pet so we can be assured you are in one of our pet-friendly guestrooms.  
•    A non-refundable pet fee of $100 per pet, maximum of 2 pets will be added to the guest room account
•    We limit the acceptable cat or dog size to 75 pounds or less
•    Pets must be attended to at all times when in the guest room.  Before departing the room, the pet must be placed in a carrier or crate
•    Pets must be kept on a leash at all times if walking through common hallway areas and anytime they are in public areas.
•    Pets are not permitted in pool area and most areas of the spa. 
•    All pet “messes” (including outdoor) must be promptly cleaned and properly disposed of by the pet owner.  Please ask the Front Desk Staff where these should be discarded.  “Mess Bags” will be provided if needed at check-in.
•    Pets are not permitted in any indoor and outdoor Food & Beverage area
•    Housekeeping will not enter the room to clean unless the pet is out of the room or in a pet carrier
•    If an incident does occur with your pet, especially bites or scratches an employee or other guest, a formal incident report will be completed and forwarded to local authorities.  The pet will be evicted from the hotel immediately
•    Guests are responsible for all damages caused by their pet.  After departure, the room will be inspected and any damages will be placed on the guest’s account.
•    Barking or other pet behavior that disturbs or interferes with other guests’ enjoyable stay will result in a call from management to the pet owner. Should the pet have to be removed from the room due to such behavior, the hotel will impose a $20/hour pet sitting fee. During emergency situations, we do reserve the right to amend this policy as we deem appropriate, inclusive of refusing pet access to the hotel.

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