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Golden Stage Inn Bed & Breakfast

Springtime Beekeeping Workshop

Golden Stage Inn Bed & Breakfast

Proctorsville, Vermont

From May 15 through June 30, 2021, you can book a beekeeping workshop with Certified Vermont Beekeeper Julie-Lynn Wood. Perfect for nature enthusiasts, science nerds, and those who are considering the hobby of beekeeping.  Julie will talk through the magical inner workings of the beehive, describing the life cycle and various jobs of the honeybees. If weather permits, you’ll be invited to do don a bee suit and take a hands on tour of the inside of the beehive. It’ll be a SWEET learning experience! Workshop is available to all guests staying two nights or more and costs an add-on fee of $50 per room. 

$50 add-on-fee with two nights stay
How to Book:
Call the Inn: 302-226-7744
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