Rhode Island

The smallest state in the United States,  Rhode Island is easy to get around and includes a sampling of the best of New England including over 100 public beaches, 18,000 acres of parklands, and numerous sites of historic and cultural interest. Within about a 45-minute drive, you can explore all four corners of the state and still be back to your home base in time for dinner. For many, it’s the perfect distance for a romantic weekend getaway. Some must-see sights include: Newport’s glorious mansions, the homes of the rich and famous during “La Belle Epoque,” right before the turn of the twentieth century, and Providence, the capital that combines the best of the big city and small town. The South County Region is known for its charming coastal villages and stellar beaches while thirteen miles off-shore, unspoiled Block Island is a true haven: peaceful and beautiful, with superb fishing and sailing.

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