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Getting the most out of travel doesn’t need to be a headache. Get a better experience at the same rate by booking directly with your hotel, inn or resort. Skip the price wars on the mega online travel sites… That’s being BookSmart.

3 Reasons to BookSmart

1. Get the same rates. Hotels, inns and resorts often guarantee the best rate on their website and are usually happy to match rates you find on an OTA website. Why? They pay up to a 30% commission on bookings that come through an OTA.
2. Get a better experience. Direct bookers are highly-valued guests, and inns and resorts often show their appreciation by including free extras or giving direct bookers better rooms. Plus, changes to your reservation are much simpler.
3. Keep your dollars local. When you book directly with an inn, resort, or hotel, they keep more of the money — OTAs can charge up to a 30% commission. That savings goes toward improving your stay, and goes further to support the local community.