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A Taste of Cape Cod - Culinary Tours

Culinary Tours of Cape Cod

We have two days of Culinary Tours set up to give you the best Cape Cod has to offer, authentic food and great people.  Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine and beaches too…pleasantly full! You will find some of the greatest, tastiest foods on our culinary tours and think, “Cape Cod?”.  Yes, Cape Cod.  It is not all about seafood either; we will guide you to everything from locally roasted coffee plant tours to a craft chocolate shop to a portuguese bakery…with some super fresh seafood thrown in. Culinary tours, Day one:

  • Wake up with a gourmet breakfast delivered to your door or poolside.
  • Tour and sample at our local coffee roasting plant…prepare yourself for the smell of heaven. Receive free cup of coffee with the Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn’s Culinary tours.  Thursday 11:00 am only.  Alternative tour: Cape Cod Potato Chip factory tour. Monday thru Friday 9-5.
  • Lunch at the best pizza place on the Cape.  This is not your typical pizza, you will be blown away by pizza cooked in a genuine Neapolitan style wood-fired oven.  When you taste the vegetables grown in their rooftop garden and amazing dishes like roasted brussels sprouts or roasted beet salad you will know this is about more than pizza.  Save 10% with the Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn’s Culinary tours.
  • Tour and sample at our local Brewery!  Find out what it means to have a “Vacation in every pint”.
  • Dinner at a nearby Tapas bar (full menu also available).  Five minutes from the Inn and full of flavor!  Two must try’s are the Duck-Infused Sliders and Mussels Dijonnaise.  Free Dessert with the Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn's Culinary tours.

Culinary tours, Day two:

  • Enjoy another delicious gourmet breakfast in the comfort of your room or poolside.
  • Sample delicious, local, handcrafted chocolate and learn how chocolate is made!  Receive free hot chocolate with the Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn’s Culinary tours.
  • Visit a Portuguese bakery in Provincetown and honor the towns ancestry with delicious sweets and treats.  Fried dough with sugar?!  Yes please.
  • Lunch where we have found the best warm Lobster Roll on Cape Cod, period.  It is delicious.  Add some Bloody Mary Oysters or Mexican Style Grilled Corn and you will see why this is Provincetown’s foodie heaven.
  • Dinner at the spot for great culinary creations.  Have you ever had Devil’s on Horseback?  They involve pecan smoked bacon.  A lively scene, refreshingly creative food, and a great host will ensure this is one of your favorites on Cape Cod.  Save 10% with the Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn’s Culinary tours.

Your cost for Culinary tours Day one and two:  $20 per person and comes with a free Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn Goodie bag The Culinary tours will take you from Hyannis to Provincetown and enable you to see the best parts of Cape Cod in one easy tour!  There is plenty to see and lots to eat, book now and we promise  an incrEDIBLE experience. [gallery ids="|,|"]

$20 per person + room reservation
How to Book:
When booking your reservation online, please add note to Special Accommodations section that you would like to add this great package. We will take care of the details and send an updated confirmation for your records.
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