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4 Rockin' New England Music Scenes: What To Know & Where To Go

While discovering New England's music scenes requires a bit of a hunt music scene outside of Boston, sweet sounds are bubbling beneath the surface of this quiet region. Walk down Burlington’s Church Street or the seaside streets of Portland, Maine, and you’ll discover a music scene bursting with talent, tapped and untapped. From the indie groups of college towns to the old school folk of New England’s countryside, discover four local New England music scenes that deliver on great tunes.

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Small State, Big Music Scene — Connecticut

Music isn’t exactly new to the state of Connecticut. With exports including the likes of Diana Ross and Thurston Moore, big tunes have been bursting from this small state for quite some time. While, traditionally, Connecticut’s burgeoning bands drift over to Brooklyn and Boston, the tides seem to be changing of late, with small local music groups carving out a tight knit community in the state. Stop into Toad’s Place in New Haven or Sully’s Pub in Hartford to soak in the best of Connecticut’s local music scene.

Academy of Music
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College Cool — Northampton, Ma.

In true college town fashion, Northampton, MA features a host of rockin’ music venues around every corner. Head to the Academy of Music or the Calvin Theater to catch big name headliners, or visit Bishop’s Lounge or the Parlor Room for a funkier, more intimate show. Plus, we’d be remiss in not mentioning the famous Iron Horse Music Hall. Touting the motto, “Music Alone Shall Live,” this Northampton staple hosts an eclectic array to satisfy any taste.

More Than Just Phish — Burlington, Vt.

As much as we love a good jam band, in recent years, Burlington, Vt., has expanded its musical prowess beyond the confines of it’s most famous export. With new labels like NNA Tapes, Section Sign, and Future Fields, independent artists making everything from folk music to dance pop are finding the support they need to stay on the shores of Lake Champlain. Plus, Burlington’s funky music scene has plenty of venues to match. Arts Riot, a renovated barn turned arts space, and the funky Radio Bean provide a uniquely Burlington flair beyond the typical rock club.

New England Music Scenes
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A Quintessential New England Music Scene — Portland, ME

With a music scene that’s always fresh and modern, Portland features all the benefits of music in a large city with a deeply local vibe. Soak in the artsy side of Portland’s music scene at Space Gallery, an art and performance space that encourages experimental and diverse programming. Looking for something a bit more divey? At Geno’s Rock Club, you’re invited to drink beer, have fun, and scream the lyrics to your favorite rock songs. Don’t see your favorite local music scene or venue listed? We’re trusting you to be the authority on what’s up and coming in New England! Tell us about it on Facebook or Twitter.

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