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How To Hike In Style: New England Properties Along The Long Trail

Over 250 miles long and stretching the entire length of Vermont, the Long Trail certainly lives up to its name. Whether you’re itching to hike the whole trail in a week or you just want to head out on a day hike, the Long Trail offers trails as distinct and varied as Vermont’s topography. As fun as it is to get your hands dirty in the great outdoors, we find it’s always a good idea to have a few home bases (off the trail). Go pack your bags, pick out your trail name, and head out on a high quality journey of the gorgeous inns and resorts within five miles of Vermont’s Long Trail. Camel's Hump - Long Trail Vermont

Head Off The Long Trail In Manchester, VT

Almost fifty miles north of the trail’s southern terminus in Williamstown, MA, Manchester, VT, serves as a hub to the low peaks of the southern part of the trail. Whether Manchester is a stop along your Vermont long trail journey or your home base for hiking, the luxurious accommodations will give you plenty of space to rest your head and wash your feet. For easy access to the Long Trail, take the Old Rootville Road trail 1.8 miles to the stunning views of Prospect Rock. If you’re looking for a longer jaunt in the woods, hike the extensive trail network in the Lye Brook Wilderness Area.

Not Just For Skiing — Stopover Near Killington, VT

Mt. Abraham on the Long Trail
Flickr/dvs/(CC BY 2.0)

Ski trails aren’t just for winter anymore. The network of ski runs near Killington turns into an expanse of hiking options in the summer. Whether your journey takes you down the mountain for an overnight stay or up to the summit for a breathtaking view, get easy access to the trails with a stay at the Killington Grand Hotel, located at the base of the mountain. Here, it’s hike in, hike out all the way. On the west side of the mountain, the Red Clover Inn & Resort is woven into the landscape of Vermont from its name, taken from the Vermont state flower, to its country setting. Located in nearby Mendon, this bed and breakfast style destination offers a more rural alternative to the hustle and bustle of Killington Mountain. If you have a car or a burst of energy, it only seems fitting to make the ten mile trek to Bridgewater, VT, to visit the Long Trail Brewing Company. Pop open their flagship Long Trail Ale or their new Cranberry Gose to quench your thirst.

Hike Down To The Top

A straight shot off the trail, the Mountain Top Inn is a hiker’s haven. In addition to Long Trail access via the New Boston Trail, this property boasts miles of trails for hiking and horseback riding as well as a 740 acre lake. If you want to feeling of staying in a Long Trail shelter (without the bare-bones style), cozy up inside one of their small cottages tucked away among the towering pines and white birches of Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest.

Get Mad in the Mad River Valley

In the heart of the Mad River Valley, the Long Trail runs right along a ridge above West Hill House B&B. From this mountainside outpost, make the half-day trek up to Mount Abraham, the third highest peak in the state, or opt for a one-hour jaunt south on the Long Trail from the Lincoln Gap to Sunset Ledge. No matter which hike you choose, the folks at West Hill House can pick you up from your trail’s end.

Mount Mansfield Long Trail Vermont
Flickr/Shannon McGee/CC BY SA 2.0)

Go for Stowe

For any serious Long Trail hiker, there’s one mountain that you must conquer on your Long Trail journey. Coming in at 4,393 feet above sea level, Mount Mansfield is the tallest mountain in the Green Mountain State. Trek across its nearly two mile summit ridge over features affectionately known as the forehead, nose, and chin. If hiking isn’t your cup of tea, drive your car up the mountain’s service road to take in those summit views. Whether you hike, bike, or drive to the top, take a break in beautiful Stowe, Vermont, known for its quintessential mountain charm. If you prefer more rustic accommodations, head further north to Jeffersonville and get the best of resort and mountain life with a stay in a Vermont log cabin at Sterling Ridge Resort. Located just a three mile hike down route 15 from the trail, this log cabin resort gives you the rustic charm of staying in a Long Trail shelter with modern amenities and wood burning stoves.

Conquer The North

You can’t get closer to the Long Trail than this. Running straight through Jay Peak's ski trails, the Long Trail runs just over a mile from the front door of the Tram Haus Lodge. Hike up the grassy ski trails on the mountain and witness the expansive views of Vermont and Quebec from the peak’s summit. Plus, if you can’t make the trek on foot, you can get door-to-door service to the Long Trail aboard the hotel’s tram.

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