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The Road Less Planned: A Travel Guide To Last-Minute Getaways in New England

When it comes to New England getaways, sometimes it’s okay to delay. Eye-catching attractions at every turn present the perfect opportunity for that spur-of-the-moment vacation you’ve been wanting to take. However, a quick visit requires an even quicker game plan — use our guide to make sure you don’t miss out on the essentials of a stellar last-minute getaway to New England.

Last-minute getaways in New England.A Guide To Last-Minute Getaways in New England

Narrow Down Your Destination Shortlist

So, you’re planning a quick venture to New England — now what? We may only take up six states of the total 50, but that still leaves you with a couple hundred cities to sift through. There are three ways to narrow down your search:

1. See What’s Going On

Unless you’re setting out tomorrow at the break of day, you have a bit of leeway to adjust the sails and anchor your getaway with the next New England jamboree. A spontaneous visit in  spring means the budding of flower festivals, autumn sees a cornucopia of harvest festivals celebrating fantastic fall foliage, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a summer weekend that doesn’t feature a spirited music or food festival.

2. Select a State or Region

The decision of the hour: do you pack the swimsuits and take off to a sandy beach or should you opt for a charming countryside escape complete with baby animals? Investigate the greatest hits of every state — you may be inclined to seafaring spots like the Greater Portland area and the Cape purely for some authentic, succulent lobster. With the plethora of lodging options available in New England, you may also make a selection based on the type of lodging experience that suits your fancy. Ask yourself: does your ideal getaway look more like an all-inclusive resort or a cozy inn away from busy distractions?

3. Pick the Perfect Package

Regardless of whether or not you’ve found a festival that fits, be sure to hunt for a special or package that matches the type of getaway you’d like to have. Whether you have your sights set on a romantic New England getaway or you’re rounding up the crew for a family vacation, chances are you’ll be able to find a package that fits your New England fantasy (or inspires one).

Find Inspiration in Your Inbox

If you aren’t actively planning a last minute New England trip but want to be prepared to pack up and go when the time is right, let travel inspiration come to you through our Inn Crowd emails. Our travel savvy subscribers receive exclusive offers from our New England hotels and resorts, alongside featured packages and blog posts to make envisioning a future getaway that much easier.

In The Last-Minute Packing Frenzy, Be Sure to Bring:

  • A decent camera to capture all of those New England sights and attractions. Phones are also acceptable.
  • Swimwear so you can fully enjoy the beach, lake, or your resort’s swimming pool.
  • A blank pad for writing down recipes to replicate those mouthwatering seafood dishes and/or farm-fresh meals during your New England culinary tour.
  • A travel backpack — not just a rolling suitcase. You’ll need somewhere to store all the New England souvenirs you’re bringing back home, after all.

Get Ready to Live in The Moment in New England

Sunset on Martha's Vineyard, during a last-minute New England getaway.
Sunset on Martha’s Vineyard. Photo: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism.

Sometimes, the best getaways are the ones less planned. Whether you’re New England-bound for a festival or you’re finding inspiration in a package, take that leap of faith and embark on a last-minute trip to New England — our inns and resorts will help make sure it’s the no-strings-attached vacation you’ve been wishing for.