5 Things to Know for Your Six Flags New England Adventure

Six Flags New England will retire its iconic roller coaster, The Cyclone, on July 20. Long a fan favorite, this classic wooden coaster has thrilled riders since it started rolling them along 3,400 feet of track at 50 miles an hour back in 1983. If you’ve been meaning to make it to Massachusetts for a Six Flags New England adventure with your family, there’s no better time than now. Visit before July 20, 2014, and get one last, or perhaps even your one-and-only, Cyclone experience. Here are 5 things to know before planning a New England trip in search of thrills this summer.
Six Flags New England visitors ride The Cyclone
The Cyclone is an American (and a New England) classic.

When to go to Six Flags New England

Go now! Go yesterday! As mentioned above, The Cyclone will close in mid-July, but visitors will still get to experience it in all its glory in the days leading up to its retirement. As you might guess, weekends in the summer are crowded at Six Flags New England. If you can, plan a trip for midweek for shorter lines and less expensive entrance fees. Which brings us to…

How to get discount tickets to Six Flags New England

There are several ways to get your tickets below the sticker price. The easiest is to buy them online via the Six Flags New England website, cutting $10 off of the price for an adult ticket. You’ll save even more if you visit on a weekday. AAA members can present their card when purchasing tickets for $5 off, and those who purchase a Go Boston card will get in at no additional charge.

Roller Coasters Six Flags New England

Tips for navigating Six Flags New England

Make no mistake, Six Flags New England is big. It helps to have some sort of game plan before stepping through the pearly gates. For easy parking as close to the entrance as possible, get there early. Be forewarned of a $20 fee, and marked-up meal prices inside the park. The bargain shopping park-goer can pack a lunch in a cooler and head back to the car for lunch, as Six Flags allows you to leave and come back. You can also park at one of the private parking lots nearby for a cheaper rate, but forget about going back to your car during the day in this case. It also helps to wear comfortable walking shoes, know how tall everyone in your party is (it will affect who gets to ride what), and wear swimsuits under your clothes for the waterpark! You’ll also want to bring a towel, sunscreen and cell phones for everyone in case you get separated.

Where to stay near Six Flags New England

A great thing about a trip to Six Flags New England is that it pairs nicely with a tranquil, if contrasting, visit to Massachusetts or Connecticut. You can scream your lungs out on a rollercoaster one day, and then cruise up and down green, rolling hills the next. Really get a feel for the nearby New England communities by spending the night in Amherst, MA. This idyllic college town combines old time charm with youthful exuberance.
Reeder Family Lodges








You might also like staying in Sturbridge, MA, a historic New England village where inns like the Reeder Family Lodges and the Publik House can add a historic element to your trip. Don’t forget that Six Flags New England is right over the border from Connecticut, and you can easily choose a hotel in nearby Avon, CT, like the Avon Old Farms Hotel.

If you and your family have been waiting for the perfect time to head to Six Flags, wait no longer. Enjoy this classic New England icon and fan favorite, before it rolls off into the sunset.

Photos: Six Flags New England (first and second); Reeder Family Lodges