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View of the living room and dining room from the front entryway of Stanton House Inn, a downtown Greenwich, Connecticut, bed and breakfast
Front entrance of Stanton House Inn

Stanton House Inn

Greenwich, Connecticut

How to score an awesome historic CT garden tour

Our 1843 mansion has a lot of history!

And one of the most intriguing parts of the property is… the property itself. The gardens surrounding the house tell an ever-changing story about its residents over the centuries. Interested in learning more?

Then schedule a garden tour of our historic Connecticut garden.

A Historic Connecticut Garden Tour

Learn more about the history of the grounds, from its 1900s heyday with its own groundskeeper à la Downton Abbey, up to the modern era. Plus, see how the current owners use the grounds from the Innkeeper himself.

This garden tour will also offer a primer on permaculture. You’ll learn about unique, easy-care, vegetable, fruiting, and herbal plants that thrive in the Northeast and their uses.

How do we know they'll thrive in your garden? Because they’re planted throughout ours.

About our Connecticut Garden Tour Guide

Colin Pearson is the current Innkeeper at Stanton House Inn. The house has been in his family for generations. And its history over the century always fascinated him. Before returning to Greenwich to take-over Stanton House Inn, Colin worked as:

  1. A Peace Corps volunteer in rural Malawi, introducing permaculture to improve farmers' quality of life
  2. A small-hold farmer in Western Massachusetts

How to schedule your very own Connecticut Garden Tour

Interested in spending some time in our garden? Or have you always been curious about that one weird plant you have noticed growing here? Or do you just want to hear some funny stories about Colin's experience in Malawi?

Reserve a two-night stay from spring to fall and add a free tour to your reservation. We will reach out to you to schedule your tour with Colin at a time that works best for you. Your Connecticut garden tour is weather permitting, of course.

Starting rates of package: free with a minimum 2-night stay (weather permitting)

Package availability: April 15 to October 15

Starting rates of package: free with a minimum 2-night stay (weather permitting)
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