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Portland Head Light - Maine
Portland Head Light - ME Office of Tourism

Must-See Lighthouses in New England

New England is known for many things: the buttery taste of lobster rolls, crisp fall foliage under hiking boots, and its rich history of freedom and fairness. But our favorite aspect of the place we call home is the warm charm of coastal towns complete with picturesque lighthouses. Join us on our tour of the best, most famous lighthouses in New England.

Portland Head Light, Maine

On the tip of Cape Elizabeth, you’ll find this historic lighthouse. It was first lit in January of 1791 as an overseeing eye and protector of this new town. Though the United States Coast Guard now maintains the light and fog signal, the rest of the house and property remain under the care of the Town of Cape Elizabeth. Stay nearby to be able to visit the lighthouse at sunset, hike the surrounding Fort Williams Park, and enjoy the scenic coastline.

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, New Hampshire

In 1771, this wooden lighthouse was built at Fort William and Mary (now known as Fort Constitution) in what is now the town of New Castle. A few years later, this fort was raided by colonists when Paul Revere rode from Boston to Portsmouth to warn them of the British’s plan to reinforce the fort. To some, this is known as being one of the first battles of the American Revolution. 

Stay in Portsmouth, New Castle, or a surrounding area to fully experience your visit to Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse. A light that not only shares the history of our country but also the stories of the individual lives that went into the creation of New England as we know it today.

Nubble Light, Maine

This majestic lighthouse offers more than just stunning views of the deep blue over the horizon. Bring a picnic lunch and your pup, or opt into a more active day of fishing, bird watching, or scuba diving. Book a few nights' stay to visit this Maine treasure and the surrounding town of York—this coastal town has so much to offer. 

Scituate Light, Massachusetts

A visit to this 25-foot beacon is essentially a ticket into a past of legends and town secrets. Cedar Point’s unique Scituate Light overlooks a petite beach with stunning views and is visited by curious explorers and tourists daily, no matter the season. Be engrossed in New England charm by staying right in the heart of Scituate at The Inn at Scituate Harbor during your visit to Massachusetts.

Point Judith Lighthouse, Rhode Island

A visit to Narragansett will surely take you to Point Judith Lighthouse, a 51-foot octagonal brownstone that sits on the tip of mile-long Point Judith. The Coast Guard currently mans and maintains the lighthouse, in addition to their search and rescue operations and law enforcement. Though you can’t enter the lighthouse, the view from the point is worth a trip to the grounds. Plan a Narragansett visit or stay in Newport and venture to the lighthouse for the day.

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Before the sun sets on this summer, book your stay in New England and seize your opportunity to witness these iconic lighthouses in all their glory.