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Pizza and Penguins: The Perfect Mystic Weekend Getaway

Winter is firmly settled over New England–ponds have frozen over, the pastel skies ignite at sunrise and sunset, and the quiet of hibernation brings a still peace over the land that just isn’t there during other seasons. It’s also a time where people indulge in the season’s winter activities and plan excursions to small towns, ski mountains, and barren trails all over the northeast. One such town is Mystic, Connecticut, which is a nostalgic seaport village full of history and tranquil charm.

Where to Stay in Mystic, Connecticut

The Mystic Seaport in winter is a place to get away and find some rest and relaxation. Planning a weekend getaway to this cozy town isn’t hard at all, given there are so many places to stay and leisurely things to do. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a hibernator, consider some of these main attractions of Mystic that will leave your soul (and your belly) feeling full.

A top priority for planning a getaway is figuring out where to stay. Mystic is home to a plethora of unique lodging options, so depending on your taste and desired amenities, you’ll have plenty to choose from. If you’re of the mindset to support a local business with historic roots, you may want to book at a bed & breakfast or an inn like the Steamboat Inn, a harborside landmark that is conveniently located near the Amtrak station for those rolling into town by train. You can expect nautical antiques and distinctively appointed rooms that will take you out of your element and immerse you in Mystic splendor.

Outdoor Activities in Mystic, Connecticut

You don’t have to look far to find things to do. If you're interested in exploring nature in all its wintery brilliance, you may want to try a few hiking opportunities. Barn Island Wildlife Management Area in Stonington not far from Mystic takes you on a scenic hike that sprawls through saltwater marshes and wooded terrain. The total hike is roughly 5 miles on trail, however the peaceful reserve is situated on over 1,000 of coastline, so it’s recommended you pack the appropriate winter and waterproof gear for your trip.

A more scenic, birds eye view of nature is what you’ll find on a visit to Bluff Point State Park in Groton, CT, an 800-acre cliffside preserve with a 4-mile trail that boasts beautiful coastal nature and stunning views of Long Island Sound. And if it’s more your style to enjoy nature’s bounty from the comfort of your own car, then you’ll need to take a scenic drive down River Road–a winding, curvy course through historic residential neighborhoods and the town of Mystic with spectacular views of the village. You’ll want to bring your camera to capture the gorgeous sunset over the sleepy town to take with you as a keepsake.

Indoor Activities in Mystic, Connecticut

If you’re in the mood to explore culture and education, Mystic gives you that opportunity. As the title implies, you can venture to the Mystic Aquarium for a personal viewing of subarctic wildlife and winter waterfowl including penguins! The Mystic Seaport Museum is also another fun stop that allows you to work up an appetite by working on your maritime history and knowledge before you make your way downtown for a nosh.

Can’t Miss Food in Mystic, Connecticut

The town is lined with mom-and-pop shops, establishments, and eateries–most notably Mystic Pizza, which was the living set of the 1980’s movie featuring the same name starring Julia Roberts. And while pizza is a prized provision in Mystic, there are other restaurants boasting fresh seafood, New England style fare and comfort foods, artistic desserts and pastry, and fresh micro coffee roasters. Farm-to-table cuisine abound, you’ll want to prep your palette for this trip, as you will not leave hungry. 

Mystic is the perfect backdrop for your weekend getaway–and in just a couple of days you can get out of your element and recharge by connecting with the best this small town has to offer.