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City Life

Crossroads of Culture and History

While it’s fair to say that New England is perhaps best known for her small towns and natural beauty, it’s also fair to say that her cities - large and small - are some of the most vibrant, welcoming, and flat-out fun in the world. And, thanks to their close proximity to all that rural splendor, you’re always just a short drive away from whatever type of New England experience you desire.

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A Foodie’s Paradise

New England has long been known as a must-visit region for connoisseurs of fine cuisine, and nowhere is that more true than in the downtowns of her cities, big and small. Whether it’s the celebrated restaurant scene in Boston’s Back Bay, or the lesser-known (but no less delicious) dining destination of Portland, Maine, or Mystic, Connecticut’s renowned pizza, or even a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s finest in Burlington, Vermont, when you’re in New England, you’re never far from something amazing to eat. 

There’s no better way to work up an appetite than a hike

Boston China Town
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Where People Come Together

Befitting its pivotal  role in the founding of our nation, along with its warm and inclusive nature, New England is a region of vibrantly diverse communities and cultures. Boston’s Chinatown is a cultural hub for the region’s Chinese community (as well as a lively late-night hotspot), while Providence, Rhode Island is one of the country’s most ethnically diverse small cities. Meanwhile, Hartford, Connecticut boasts a large Jamaican population, adding richness (and delicious food) to the state’s capital city. 

Take a backroad tour for a uniquely New England experience

Where it All Started

No visit to Boston is complete without experiencing Boston Cream Pie, which was invented at the city’s Omni Parker House in 1856, and where you can still get a slice (or two) for dessert. 

Fenway Park
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The Epicenter of Art and History

It’s fair to say that no other U.S. city offers quite so much history as Boston, which was named and officially incorporated on September 30, 1690. You’ll find ample evidence of its storied history throughout the city, just as you’ll find myriad opportunities to immerse yourself in the arts, both historical and contemporary, whether at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, in the many small boutiques and galleries situated throughout the city, or even at Fenway Park, the oldest ballpark in the MLB. 

Interested in arts and history? New England is your place

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Three Small Cities to Explore

  1. Burlington, Vermont. Perched on the shore of Lake Champlain, and boasting a lively arts scene, along with a wonderfully walkable downtown. 
  2. Portland, Maine. With access to the coast and an incredibly diverse food scene, Portland melds old world charm with contemporary flair. 
  3. Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and bustling with shops, restaurants, galleries, and pubs.

In New England, you’re never far from the coast

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