Summer in New England

Clean, wide, and often uncrowded beaches are found along the coast of New England with lots of summer fun to go along with them. Sailing, kayaking, surfing, and swimming are all fabulous BelfryLighthouseNew England summer pastimes. You can go island hopping on mail boats, take a schooner ride or go white water rafting, fishing, or canoeing. And of course, no visit to New England in the summer would be complete without going on a whale watch trip. From May to October, New England’s waters are invaded by thousands of whales that are drawn to feeding grounds just off the coastline. Whale watching trips regularly depart from all points along the coast and you have the opportunity to see a great selection of finback whales, humpback whales and dolphins. Most vessels are manned with naturalists who explain the behavior of the whales and it is fascinating to see these huge creatures breach and leap out of the water in front of you. Trips typically last for a morning or afternoon and it is wise to always take sunscreen with you whatever the time of day.  New England’s mountains also provide the perfect backdrop for a summer vacation. The cooler mountain areas are the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of big cities offering wide open spaces, easy driving and a laid-back feeling. As on the coast, outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and golf can be enjoyed at an affordable rate. New England’s mountains also are home to some magnificent lake areas and so you can have the best of both worlds and also enjoy lake cruises, fishing, sailing, kayaking, etc. on many of the beautiful and unspoiled lakes in New England.